Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Coffee Shop Gossip

So the Blogmistress was out for a leisurely stroll early this morning and whom does she pass just near the cemetry???? It appeared to be the Ghost of Croz... it was early in the morning, it was dark and I could have been mistaken!

I'm pleased to say though that as the roadies arrived at the bakery, Croz was amongst them - in the flesh. And its about time too Croz - you started the Sunday morning sess from Bunny's, so its only appropriate that you turn up (every now and then!).

In other coffee shop gossip, there are whispers in the M1 branches that a certain Bam Bam has not only conquered the infamous One Tree Hill but also the backside of Haddock drive! A few months ago, Bam Bam couldn't make it up Auckland Hill on the Sunday Sess - now's she's cutting laps up Haddock and One Tree! You ROCK Bam Bam!!!!