Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kundas Diary

We have been a little too busy at the shop to post anything decent on the blog, so here is a quick summary of Kunda's training program so far...

On the weekend just gone, my training began in earnest.I exceeded all my expectations, doing 50km on Saturday, 10km more than what I had planned.

Sunday went to schedule with a massive 100km ride.I even cut back on the Big Mac deals to just one on Saturday. Admittedly though, I have had another two this week, one yesterday and one Monday, but I believe my diet is coming together beautifully.

I have decided to lift my training program to 60km this Saturday, followed by 110km on Sunday.

My appetite for legs have returned. And I am not talking about the ones on the end of 6 foot blondes I normally feast on, I am talking about the ones I will be tearing apart on September 10 at the Hynes Timber Criterium.

This year if I instigate a break away like I did last year, I hope whopever is with me can pull turns with me.