Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Madone - As Rated By Wade Morgan

Its not very often that you come accross a bike that absolutely blows you away. One that really nails how the bike looks, feels, and most importantly, priced.

The 2012 Trek Madone 5.2 was the only bike that world renound bicycle enthusiast and designer, Wade Morgan took his time to rate.

As quoted- "The 2012 trek madone is one of the most beautiful bicycles on the planet. The feel as it corners, the bike literally assists you in the sprint, it climbs with you, and puts out more than you give. You can ride for days and not get sore. It is THE most responsive, most comfortable bike on the market." - Wade Morgan.

As we all know, the Madone was not one of the cheapest bicycles on the market. It was for the hardcore bicycle enthusiast who knew what quality was, who knew that a bicycle must not be judged by components, but by the heart of the bike itself- the frame.

What astounded Wade, was that the 5 series bike was no longer $5500, it was no longer $4500, it was that the Madone 5.2 is now only $3799.

Trek has put there design and marketing geniuses to work and created a full OCLV frame standard for a 5 series bike. The 5.2 is available in 2 colours- Dark Charcoal, or as above, Leopard TREK team replica colours.

You can now stand an extra foot taller when asked what bike you ride. This is the real thing, a real bike, a Trek.