Saturday, August 20, 2011

Where Are They Now?

Storing photos on computers is great - on most occassions. But every now and then, you come across one hidden in a file somewhere, that you wish just didn't exist.

Here's the M1 Racing Team from 2007 just before the start at the Kremese Course in Rockhampton - in our VERY attractive fluro M1 jerseys - WHAT WERE WE THINKING!!! Krystal Cranks used to refer to the jerseys as the "council worker" vests.... I wonder why.

So where are we all now....

Thunder - still the same. Perhaps the mouth has gotten a little louder to compensate for the recent lack of training.

IJ - racing like a demon in Brisbane, and placing in most Master A races. If you saw his legs now, you would have a fit - cut to threads.

Me - putting around on 2 legs more often than on two wheels. I still have a really nice bike though!

Zulu - forever the warrior. Never admitting to the full extent of his training sessions... and always dragging around his better half Bam Bam.

Durand - studying to be a dentist - straight A's from what I hear. Little on the bike riding front though.

I can't quite remember Zulu, but was 2007 the year I smoked you in the Calliope to Bilo???? Can you remind me please.