Monday, August 22, 2011

The Yarwun Handicap

For anyone who didn't turn up to the race at Yarwun on saturday, just a quick rundown on the day.

The M1 riders were in strong force on the weekend, with big numbers accross the board. It looked like a great day for a the handicap, slight headwind on the way out, and what seemed like a great tailwind for the way back.

The winds quickly changed about a quarter into the race, with the way back in becoming more frustrating by the kilometre. I couldnt tell which way the winds were blowing, it was one of the hardest races in a long time.

From my end of the race, all I could see was marty, sean, mick, and worm pulling turns from hell. There was no way people could match the speeds these guys were pulling. Although, from all the effort and hard work these guys put in, it was not enough to catch the front 3 markers.

Only seconds infront, old Russ got the win. I rekon that blokes got more heart and determination then most people.

Well done to everyone in the race, everyone in M1 colours did extremely well.