Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Brown Cow Ride

It was a welcome back to Brother Ferg this morning who decided to finally dust off the Cannondale and come for a spin.

So it was like a heard of lost cows, that we headed out for this mornings ride from Craigs - out through Beecher, through Calliope and out to Kroombit Tops road. We decided to give River Ranch the flick after last weeks encounter with the Ant Nest construction.

It wasn't until the turnaround that the Brown Cows finally got some order together. Once the order was achieved, the LG-Grainfed train started spitting out riders on the way back from Kroombit Top road, one by one. Like beavers clinging to a bit of wood, SpyCat and I made it to the main road with what was left of the bunch... you boys really need to learn to ride with a bit more smarts and not so much testosterone!

At the coffee shop Floyd came out with the following clanger.... "remember when we used to average +33k an hour for the Saturday block rides.... today wasn't that hard". Let us all remember this statement from Floyd - I'm sure you'll eat those words by the end of the off season!!

All up today's ride was just under 80k's, if you don't do any ekky. An awesome ride.

Oh, and the MUDCAKE was down right YUMMO!!