Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 1 - The Journal Begins

MTB Fever seems to be hitting everyone in the M1 bunch this spring and I think Thunder has been hit the hardest - especially since returning from his play trip to Trek World 2012 in Canberra.

It's hit him that hard that he makes the following claim - in 3 months he's going to have me riding a mountain bike to a standard where I can hold my own with the boys. You can imagine my response, given that my last MTB effort resulted in a blog posting complete with picture of me laying in the dirt.

None the less, I'm up for a challenge. Afterall, I do love bikes.

So today is day one. This morning after the road ride we head to the shop to pick up my new steed - a Trek Fuel EX6. The boys set the shockies based on calculations provided by Dexter (Trek's online computer system) that are taylored individually to each rider based on their weight.

We head to Tannum. I'm a little skeptical on my ability to stay upright. I have plenty of bad memories of MTB riding at Tannum years ago. With a quick adjustment of the seat height we're off along the Wild Cattle creek track. It's actually pretty cruisey - even for me.

Done with this, we head off to some tracks near the squash court. This is where I really start to get nervous. Challenge number one - jump the gutter. Done. The dual suspension helps on this. Into the bush we go. The first thing I notice is that the dually actually WANTS to help you in the tricky parts - I found it heaps easier than the hard tail I was riding before.

We spend about an hour and a half rolling through the bush, hopping over logs, doing small drop offs (on the other side of logs!) and getting completely lost and going around in circles! We head back to the car and I feel relieved and actually pretty excited - it was pretty fun!!! And I managed to stay upright and only sustained a few minor srcapes and scratches!

Tomorrow morning is the Sunshine Track at 5am. Wish me luck!