Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 3 - The Wahoo Boys

So this morning was day 3 on the MTB. Feeling a bit more comfortable in the dark I decide to tackle the climb into the Sunshine track. I make it a third of the way up. I'm happy with that start, its further than Monday's effort.

At the top, Thunder heads back down to check for other riders and I head off to section 1. It's still dark, but at least section one is dry today!!!! I walk down wahoo boy number one... not quite that confident yet. I do however make it over all the bridges and do a couple of the log jumps. The key is to RELAX!!!!!!

Thunder catches me at the end of section one and we roll through section two and three quite ok. Back at the top of the track its now daylight and we have a bit of spare time. Thunder convinces me to have a go at the Wahoo Boys. Imagine riding a rollercoaster on two wheels.... its EXACTLY like that - but I made it through not one, but all three Wahoo Boys!!!! I leave the track feeling pretty darn happy with my efforts.

Perhaps the three months may not be as long as I first thought - but that could be a dangerous thought!!!