Monday, September 12, 2011

Day Two - The Crocodile Ride

It's still dark at 5am. And it was still freezing this morning.

Up the gutter and we head towards the Sunshine Track. Obstacle one - it's dark and despite the AYUP's I find it hard to see the track in front of me, even though you can basically drive a car down the track.

Obstacle two - the entrance into the Sunshine Track. I choose to walk this one. Its all up hill and loose gravel. I like my knees.

Ok. So we're at the top of the Sunshine Track. For those who haven't been there, the track is broken into 3 sections. We head to section one, its STILL dark.

Section one - Its supposed to start with the "wahoo boys". Yep - walked that one too. Basically section one was too wet to ride. Flooded would probably describe section one best - flooded from the tears pouring out of my eyes as I spend more time pushing the EX as opposed to actually riding it!

Ah, but as the sun comes up so does my confidence. In the space of this morning I figured out that you have to actually "ride" a mountain bike. Unlike a Madone, you have to use your body, core, brains and skills to get the MTB to stay on the tracks. The ride become much more enjoyable after I got that sorted.

I think its going to be a long 3 months.