Monday, September 19, 2011

Dirty Rats MTB Ride

The end of the 2011 road season marked the start of the official summer time rides for the "Dirty Rats". It was a great day a thrills and mostly spills, pumping out 2 laps, or 6 sections of rays track.

All the hitters were there including super enduro 24hr rider Matty Ness on his Gary Fisher HI-FI, and Peter Barnwell on his thingy majigy, which might I add, snapped his chain, showing his true amount of leg power and freshly tanned legs from the recent Schmidy Cancer Fundraiser Ride.

Even Gary came up for some "track maintenance" with old Ray and I after everyone left.

If anyone out there in Roadie Land wants to get a little bit more dirty, remember matty has some great specials on a few 2011 Trek and Merida bikes. It is well worth the investment!