Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Owie Ride

Everyone was scooting from the coffee shop early this morning in order to make a quick transitition to head up to the Sunshine Track for a lap or two at 8:30.

Zooloo was off to a quick start almost leaving poor Bam Bam behind at the coffee shop - who hadn't even finished her brew!! Oh, and did you notice the correct spelling of Zooloo's name??? Its not actually Zulu - bicycle warrior. Its Zoo-loo - animal toilet???? Classy.

Anyway, back to the Dirty Rats. I think good fun was had by all, except for maybe SpyCat who came a cropper somewhere around the track.... maybe on the WAHOOOOOOOO Boys??

With skin off, you're now officially a Dirt Rat Cat. Hey, I think you may have just scored yourself a new Blog name in the process!