Friday, September 2, 2011

Queensland U23 Criterium Championship

An old Mate once said to me “When the flag drops the bullshit stops”. That was just before the Charters towers to Townsville in 1993. Oh yeah... did I tell you that I still hold the record for that race- 126 km in 2 hours 49 minutes. But this is not about me.

This Sunday, Brad (GRAINFED) is off to Gympie for the under 23 state criterium. With only 15 in the field there won’t be much traffic. But all the riders have turbos in their V8's and are all riding for sheep stations. Most of these boys are putting their lives on hold and training their hearts out.

I would like a gold coin for every time that someone has asked me how I think Brado will go. In saying this I don’t want to loose my 100% picking a winner record (the Calliope road race. With Mickey (LG) winning).

Yes Brad has a big motor, but so does every other 19 year old. He is up against mostly older riders that race crit’s week in, week out, so I’m putting my money on a top 3 finish. I’ve seen him ride a few crit’s and he has impressed me every time. I’ve even lent him a great set of Bontrager wheels.

So I’ve only given him three things to do with a two laps to go “POSITION POSITION POSITION”. I’ve seen so many so called sprinters getting dusted because they couldn’t get the simplest thing right. Good luck Brad, Allez!!