Friday, September 2, 2011

Riding This Weekend

Tomorrow the bunch ride still leaves from Fordy's fish n chip shop in Tank Street. The bunch rolls out at 5:30am. In about two weeks time the Saturday rides will swing to the summer time circuit - which will be somewhat different to this year.... The actual circuit is still being debated.

Sunday the Bunny's ride is on again. Leaving at a leisurely 5:30am. Last week the Roses out numbered the Thorns. 3 to 1 at the beginning. Thunder only gained some company when Darryl turned up as we headed through Spinniker park. Plenty of new chicks riding in the bunch now - I'm sure we'd actually outnumber the boys now....

At 8:30 the dirt rats are hitting the Sunshine Track - meeting at Choice Petroleum first. Make sure you turn up Darryl to show off your new piece of bling... a Carbon Trek EX9.

If you're not sure of the ride times, check out the updated times on the left hand side.

Oh, and watch out for the maggies. It is only the second day of spring, but already they've been out for a while....