Tuesday, September 6, 2011


For me, there is only one more sleep until I am off to TREK WORLD 2012 in sunny Canberra!

I am going to be like a kid the night before Christmas. It is going to be great to catch up with my old mate Wade Morgan, one of the main driving forces behind TREK and what it stands for.

Now that I have an Iphone, I am even flasher then a rat with a gold tooth. I e-mailed Wade a photo of the "M1 Cycles TREK Carbon Club" riders bikes from the coffee shop on sunday. Wade, not really up to speed with whats going on in Australia, his first reply was, "Man, there must be some coin in Gladstone, with the carbon tax and all... How can they all afford to ride all them carbon bikes?"

Man, Wade is so over the top at times. I explained to Wade that the average bunter could get him or herself an OCLV carbon Madone with LEoPARD TREK team colours for $3799, full Ultegra, DONE.

I said to Wade that in the past 8 years I have been selling TREK, I have never, ever, heard anyone that owns a carbon TREK say that they would ever own another bicycle. Imagine if I got a dollar for every time someone said they wanted to get rid of their "high end" roadie and replace it with a TREK... I would be rich!

This mornings bunch ride had all the main players in it. The only thing different was that Stew, Dave, and Chrissy busted me. I looked behind for Spycat, of course she did a casper.

LG is getting stronger then ever.

Dont forget the new bunch ride starts at Craigs Bakery at 5.00 am sharp. I think its about 45k with Haddock drive at the end.