Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Tuesday Ride

It was STILL freezing for the Tuesday morning bunch ride yesterday. The numbers were looking pretty slim until we picked up SpyCat, LG and Grainfed.

Before the paceline started, I wore a spray from Floyd - literally. The paceline remained fairly consistent and smooth until each time Grainfed got to the front.... suddenly we went from 40 to 45. Snap. End of the paceline for me - welcome back.

SpyCat and I put our skirts on and headed out to Haddock before the boys. Mini Mick, Grainfed and LG all caught us before the top of the climb - welcome back.

Don't forget Thursday's ride leaves from Craig's Bakery at 5am.... This time Sweeny and Dave we will be doing Kitten's Mittens, no excuses.