Monday, September 5, 2011

The Upknick Ride

The Sunday morning Bunny's ride saw a good turn out - probably the best over recent months. There were quite a few new riders in the bunch - Murray from NZ, Kirsty and her partner, Chris and Megan (on her second bunch ride). There was also one very cheeky dentist - who will remain anonymous - who mas making comment about his new Ultegra running gear. I'm just pretending that the comment was directed at me Dave!!!

The start of the ride also saw the birth of Mini Mick. When the Dom was asked if he raced on Saturday he quickly spat out "Im doing a hundy k today". Surely no one needs to ask why the Dom is now known as Mini Mick??? On that note, congrats has to go to LG for his race on Saturday at Seeona Park. Rumors have it that LG actually lapped the field in horridly windy conditions.

It was a little windy for some parts of the ride on Sunday. So much so that it blew Try-Smurf right off his bike as we pulled up at Barney Point. What's that??? It wasn't the wind the blew Try-Smurf off his Madone, it was just Try-Smurf being a gumby and forgetting to pull his foot out. Oh right, glad I got the story straightened out!!

And whose you're daddy LG?????