Thursday, September 22, 2011

The World Champs Bike

Ever just seen a bike and never known what to say. Not a bike that has just been whacked straight out of a box with a "generic" label on the side of the down tube, and all you can say is, "that's a nice bike". A bike with character, one that has been specifically made for someone, with the utmost care and attention.

By now, everyone should know Craig Taylor. As Matty says everytime his name is mentioned - THE most respected man ever to clip his foot into a pedal.

Craig has just recieved a 2012 Trek Madone 6.2 with Dura-Ace Di2. Trek organised it to be painted by the same man that paints Ferrari's and Porsche's. The paintjob alone would be worth more then the bike.

Craig was given this bike by Troy from Yellow Jersey at a 24/7 cycling safety fund event. Craigs sister, (Troys mother) recently passed away after being hit my a motorist.