Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Champs

How is this for a champion effort. Who would ever think that the Silent Assassin would ever pull off 3rd place at the State Mountain Bike Championships. Not sure on Rays side of the race, but he will be letting us all know very soon no doubt.

Whispers in the corridor leaked, and apparently ray said he would have won if he was on a Trek. Just like old mate next to him. Onya Ray!

On the other side of the country we had Lewy (fossil) Marshall competed in the Australian Masters Road Champs. He placed 4th in the Time Trial (7 seconds from 1st) and won the National Criterium Championship. I also believe he grabbed the Champion of Champions, and won gold in the Time Trial at in the Australian Masters Games by 2 minutes!

Well done boys. You have both just confirmed my first ever cycling rule. "Never under estimate an old cyclist".