Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Flat Flat Ride

It was a perfect day for riding this morning and the turnout at the start of the ride was a reflection of this. Biggest numbers we've seen on a Tuesday for a long, long, long time.

As you would expect, with the extra numbers, the paceline was nice and firm. The good thing about it though was that the extra numbers also meant that you only hit the front once - or twice if you were really unlucky!!! From Sticky's into the Ant Nest, Grainfed pulled a solo turn from hell - too strong for every other rider in the pack. I would post SpyCat's comment on Grainfed's effort, but we're a family blog here and those choice words she used may cause offence!!!

After the paceline it was just flat, flat, flat. It was definately a chick thing this morning. SpyCat was the first to go followed by me a few k's later. Oh, but in between flat one and two, Grainfed and IJ got up close and personal with a bus going out to collect Ants. Good thing you were both breathing in at the time!

I'm pretty sure everyone on the ride this morning would agree that it was one of the best we've had!