Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Grasshopper

Little grasshopper asked advice from the master in an email early this morning.

How do you hold onto yellow in the South Australian Criterium Championships?
Thunder said, "Grasshopper, I have studied this photo many times for three long days without eating, I consumed only water from the purist source, and at the stroke of midnight on the 3rd day, it came to me... Son, you must go down to your nearest TREK dealer and ask for the purist form of bicycle, the 6.9ssl. Then hopper, the Yellow will be yours forever. Go forth down to the Trek shop my boy, and grab your dream."

Just a couple of pics of my good mate Marky Chadwick, he is in the Yellow Jersey on the left, and currently competing in the South Australian Criterium Series.

He is currently the representative for Focus Bikes Australia, which are quite nice bikes.