Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Never Was Ride

To those of you in M1 land who never made the effort to get out of bed this morning for the bunch ride..... you didn't miss much!

Only 5 riders turned up at the start, but we all went out separate ways within about 500m when we got a little "sprinkle". Apparently when you've washed the road bikes on Sunday its a Go-Back-To-Bed clause when there are a few clouds in the sky and it LOOKS like rain... better luck Thursday morning.

Oh, and a another big congratulations has to go to the Silent Assassin who backed up again on the weekend for the WA state MTB championships. This time he went one better with a 2nd place. Given the trend SA, I think you need to find another state title to have a crack at... you may just go one better!!