Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Sultana Ride

Waking up this morning it was almost like a Ground Hog day repeat of Tuesday morning - blowing a gale and sprinkly showers. This time though, the four of us didn't pull the pin.

It actually turned into a bit of Girls v Boys ride. Thunder took first points for the boys when he took out the kick at the end of Kirkwood road. Some how though everyone else in the pack didn't get the memo about there being a new designated sprint zone. Boys 1 Girls 0.

Despite Floyd's best efforts on Kittens Mittens, he couldn't get to the top before SpyCat. Boys 1 Girls 1. I don't recall there being any points up for grabs over Haddock Drive. The girls took out maximum points for the pairs time trial in the Haddock Valley despite a late attempt by the boys to pull back some ground. Boys 1 Girls 2. I don't think there was any more points up for grabs for the rest of this mornings ride so it looks like the girls SMASHED the boys into pieces!!

And what's with the Sultanas??? Well according to Thunder I reminded him of some Sultana Bran ad where the Bran was going back to rescue more sultanas.... Don't worry, I didn't get it either!

See you all on Saturday mornig - 4:45am from the Craigs Bakery.