Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Sunday MTB Ride

After the usual town circuit float this morning, it was soon transition time to head up to the Sunshine Track. There was a good turn out. TrySmurf, SpyCat and myself headed over to the Cotton Wool track first for a couple of practice laps before the big boys turned up.

TrySmurf decided that it would be more manly of him to hand around with the boys, so he stayed for a few hot laps whilst SpyCat and I headed up to the Big Track. At the top we hooked up with LG who was waiting, complete with camera. The thing about MTBing is that it finds you out if you're a bit tired and the concentration isnt there - today this was me. On the second woo boy I went off the track, over some tree at the bottom and bounced all over the place until I somehow managed to get to the top in one piece. Seriously scary stuff. Unfortunately, one of the switch backs did get the better of me and once again I ended up eating dirt. Damn it!!!!

After about an hour of playing the boys decided to do some track building on the Cotton Wool track - they must have felt sorry for us chicks. All in all we added another 100m to the existing track, so now its about 500m long. SpyCat worked it out, that in preparation for the Capital Punishment ride, we'll have to ride 100 laps of the extended CW track to make 50ks!!! Yep - I can see that happening!!

A group vote sees the MTB rides on Sunday now starting at 8am. Meeting spot will still be the Choice Petroleum.