Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Hunters and Collectors Ride

At the start of the ride this morning, the numbers were looking a little thin, but by the time we'd ridden past Bunny's we'd picked up quite a few riders - including a few bunch originals Micky Young in particular.

The bunch ended up to be quite big and I'm sure some people managed to bycott a turn all the way to the turn back onto the highway!! Mini Mick even managed to get over the dirt section for the first time in history.

It was good to see Mr Anderson back on the bike this morning after his face plant last Tuesday morning. I must admit Mr Anderson, I had the heebeejeebees riding up past Bunnys - I kept well away from the edge of the bitumen. And if you're wondering why you're now known as Mr Anderson - its from the Matrix movies.... "Mr Anderson, how good it is to see you". Sorry, its just stuck in my head!!!

Bundy Shane, myself and Hef turned early and headed back for an early brew shop stop. No silly k's today before tomorrow's 4 hour.