Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Master & The Apprentice

Matty has always promised me that he would take me on a road trip to a race, this one ended up being the Vault Crit at Nundah in Brisbane- the biggest criterium event in Queensland.

We found a great place to stay, right around the corner from Park Road. The Milton Motel. Great rooms, better rates. Boy, we were gonna look good making our way to Park Road on our roadies. Just could not wait to be sippin' on my latte like a true yuppy.

Before the race got under way, we had a few things to do, or explore. Actually, I'm not quite sure what exactly we did. This is where the weekend became the quirkiest, yet most memorable, and it only took an hour and a half.

The day started at 5.45am. A brew and some raising toast was on the menu for a 6am start. We rolled the 200m down to park road, and pulled up like pro dogs. Of course, we were the first yuppies at La Dolce Vita for or latte. This is where matty had organised to meet up with a very old friend of his. We all know him, but by what name exactly? Well, heres a few- King Kunda, The Croc Hunter, Yarrum Ttocs, Adnuk Fognik, and Cowboy. We can't reveal his real name on this blog.

Matty just wanted me to ride with the so-called master. Off we went around the Croc Hunters favourite training ride. It included several laps around The University of Queensland. Apparantly, I had to learn to admire true beauty - Adnuks' words, not mine! I dont know what the Croc was on about, but there was a lot of female talent running beside that truely beautiful river front. We endured gutters, footpaths and parks. I would never have thought i'd be taking my brand you SSL where we ended up going.

Off to south bank to do a few laps of Kunda's own Southbank Criterium course. Apparantly, it was harder to ride then normal, because someone has put market stalls, and road blocks all through the crit! That didn't stop us, roadies can do anything in Brisbane.

A gentle roll down beside the river at Southbank. I learnt that the greatest comliment of all for a woman is to get a gentle pat on the bottom by a roadie as they cycle past. I wasn't game to try, but i took his word for it. A brief hitout through pedestrains and recreational cyclist on the bike path, we rolled into Yarrum's favourite brew shop in west end some where. Coffee was great, and the food was better.

It was time for The Vault Criterium. Average Speed was 44.5 km/h. I placed 5th, and Matty 10th. The Best thing was that we had heaps of laughs and got home with all our skin on our backs.