Sunday, November 20, 2011

The PlayBoy Bunny's Ride

So Snapper and I are bunting along at the back of the pack this morning and he says to me "Does that flame on the back of Matt's bike look like the PlayBoy Bunny symbol to you???"..... Well funny enough, I think it does!!

So, Thunder will no longer be known as Thunder.... he'll be known as The Hef.

It was a pretty cruisy bunch ride this morning with a big tailwind pushing us from the Marina to the coffee shop. Welcome to new riders Shane from Bundy and John from Tannum.... I mean Boyne.

A few riders backed up for the double turning up for the Dirty Rats ride through the Sunshine Track. Our Baby Dirty Rat did well, managing a full lap of the Cotton Wool Track (not that I'm boasting or anything!!).