Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Try Strava and get riding more

Who has a Garmin and downloads to GarminConnect to check out their rides? Well there’s another alternative that you might like to try, and it’s called Strava. If you don’t have a Garmin or similar bike computer, but have a smart phone, Stava have an App so you can still log your rides.
Strava does what the other sites do, and a little more; and you can have a free account (there is a pay account too, for extra features.) What Strava.com does that the others don’t, is it compares your ride to others on, what Strava calls, Segments.
If you do a ride that has a segment(s) your data over this part of the ride is automatically compared to others that have ridden it previously, like a virtual race with other riders. Who is the fastest up One Tree Hill? There’s heaps more to check out at this site too, and I’ll tell you a bit more in another post.

The other thing that I should point out is to make sure you sign up to M1Cycles club. Once you sign up (follow the link below) and create your profile, signing up to M1Cycleseasy; Click on EXPLORE on the menu bar just to the right of the STRAVA logo at the top left, then click on ‘Clubs’, type Gladstone, Australia in the second search box (Location) and search. Click on ‘M1Cycles’ and you’re taken to a new page; Click JOIN.
What are you waiting for? Give it a try