Monday, December 5, 2011

The Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa

I don't want much for Christmas this year. Promise.

Just something small... about 17.5" to be precise. I'll make sure my stocking is big enough to get its 29er wheels in so don't worry about that. It's made of OCLV carbon so its quite light, so its not going to weigh down your sled too much as you travel down from the Trek Pole.
If it gets a little bumpy on your way down under, don't panic, the full body armour on the frame will make sure its protected so I won't be disappointed when I wake up Christmas morning.

Just in case you're confused about which Superfly I'm talking about, its the Superfly Pro 100 - I've attached a picture for you.

I'm writing my Christmas wish list to you Santa as the M1 Grinch has told me I haven't been a good enough girl this year..... but what would he know!!

Looking forward to waking up Christmas morning Santa. xx