Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Lesson Learned

When I first started getting a wee bit of confidence on the MTB, Hef said to me "never get to cocky, always ride within your limits".... for once, yesterday I wish I had of listened to him.

Out in the state forest Sandfly and Blowfly were doing the Gladstone Trails and we ended up back in the state forest near the botanical gardens having a bit of a muck around, jumping logs. Having successfully jumped a rather significant log Sandfly and I felt a huge rush of confidence.

Next log attempt ended in complete failure and me having a completely busted leg like someone's wacked me with a cricket bat.

Lesson learnt - never jump a log side on, especially when it's wet. If you're going to "jump" a log, actually lift your front wheel and "jump", just don't roll over it with your big 29er wheels because the log looks small. And most of all, Kittstar get back in your box!!! Who do you think you are, some MTB legend after 2 months!!!!

Ps - Smpathy of any kind will be accepted - especially in the form of chocolates, cheesecake (hint hint SpyCat) and pink bike bling.