Monday, December 5, 2011

The Otway Odyssey

Every now and then I get all excited and throw myself completely in the deep end at something. I think I've done it again. No, I'm actually certain I've done it again.

Thunder and I have nominated for the Otway Odyssey 100k MTB marathon challenge on 18th February 2012 in Victoria. Already there are around 493 entrants in the 100k event. There is also a 50k and 15k event being held on the same day.

To look on the upside, I guess its going to be a good practice run for the Capital Punishment Ride the following month in Canberra.

My goals for the ride:
1. Finish - in one piece!
2. Don't develop a relationship with the "Grimsweeper" who follows the last riders on the track.

If you're game or insane, check out the website