Monday, December 5, 2011

Rocky Cup and The Toowoomba Crit

The weekend gone was full of racing. Fast and Furious. Track, Crit, and a little bit of Tri on the side.

The Rocky Cup weekend was great. Racing was hard and fast, which made it all the most enjoyable to compete and watch.

Jodi Craig had the ride of the weekend, looking good in yellow and green, and putting everything into the races she could. Her competition had her covered on age, strength, and skill, but Jodi hung on there every race, placing 5th in the 15 lap scratch, and 3rd in the final 12 lap scratch race.

In C grade, Kevin "Ken" Warham placed 2nd in the 3 lap handicap and 3rd in the unkown distance. Gladstone's new comer Archy Davis smacked 2nd in the 18 lap scratch, 2nd in the point score, 1st in the elimination race, and 3rd in the last scratch race. Pity there was no Kieren race for the boys, Archy and Ken would have been a close bet for 1st and 2nd.

Brad Lawlor placed 5th in the 20 lap scratch, 1st in the Kieren heat, 3rd in the Rocky Cup on wheels 1600m wheelrace heat, and 9th in the major Rockhampton Cup on Wheels 1600m Wheelrace.

Full results can be found here

After a few too many beers, rums and UDL's at the end of the night, somehow this managed to be permanantly written on the veledromes bar bench. Sorry to anyone who may be offended!

On the lower side of the state, Dylan Nankivell competed in his very first open Criterium on the newest criterium track in toowoomba, being put straight into the deep end in B grade.

After coming in to the shop and asking how to ride the crit, it was simple, I told him to go off the front, and that is exactly what Dylan did. He found himself in a break away of 5 A graders in the combined A and B grade race. Dylan was the only U17 rider in B grade, and the only B grader to finish the race. Did I mention he won B grade?

Well done Dylan!