Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Australia Day Ride

This ride has been organised my LG, anyone is welcome to come, but please be aware that it will not be an easy ride at all...

I have other commitments throughout the day, so I have to hit the road early. My plan is this:

Leave Gladstone at 0445 from Bunnings and be at Builyan by 730 - 8am ish. Spend 30 - 45 minutes at Builyan, have breakfast and then roll back to Gladstone.

This ride is open to anyone who can average 30kp/h in a bunch, I envisage there will be enough riders from M1 cycles to hit the wind and travel along at 30kp/h +. (Unfortunately we can't really cater for beginners in a ride of this distance.) The rest can sit in the bunch and enjoy the ride. Will be about a 180-190km day on the bike. We should be back at Gladstone midday at the latest. Normal bunch ettiquette will apply to this ride, i.e ride two abreast, obey all traffic rules, wear helmet etc. It will also be a requirement to have some "australia day" theme on your steed. Bring along a few dollars fro Brekkie and a brew.

Please let me know if you are interested. LG