Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Remedy 8 - Because You Can

TREK have never packed more technology into a single bike. Everything they know is represented in this bike. It's the most capable trail descender, with unsurpassed climbing ability.
If your idea of a great day is testing the limit of your skills on a bike that you can take up, down, and wherever they want to go, The Remedy is your ride.

- ABP: patented, proven; Treks patented ABP means your suspension works the same whether you’re on the brakes or off. Smooth, controlled suspension that’s at its best all the time.

- More control, times two; The legendary control of Treks patent-pending DRCV shock technology is now featured in Fox forks. With DRCV fork and shock, you get perfect balance and ultimate control.

- More control, adjustable geometry; New geometry increases control at higher speeds. Remedy now features Mino Link adjustable geometry, and ISCG tabs on all models.

- Why settle for 140mm? Sacrifice nothing on the climbs, gain everything on the descents. Treks 150mm platform weighs no more than the 140mm competition, and surpasses them all in descending ability.

The Remedy 8 features all of the above technology in an affordable package. Priced at just $3299 RRP, this is the go to bike for your technical trail needs.

If this isn't enough, just ask Wazza B what he thinks of the new rig.