Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dusted and Smashed

Lots to cheer about down here at the Otway Odyssey. Many a yarn to spin too. The 2012 OO is Done and Dusted.
The Rocket proved that if you sprinkle a bit of readymix on your weeties every morning you can finish an 100k MTB Marathon. Not just any old marathon either, one of the toughest in this big brown land.
Hef held up his end of the bargain and notched up a metric ton off road too, even if he encountered plenty of 'heated' language from his co- pilot.
Kaz pulled off a credible 87k before withdrawal, solid! effort on minimal training. And cleared the pristine wilderness rainforest of gel wrappers as she rode; why people think its ok to drop rubbish is beyond me.
We didn't come home with the prizes but we had plenty of giggles and z top day playing in the dirt.