Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Parkhurts Criterium- Round 5

It was a terribly tough day in the office for all the M1 Cycles riders at the last round of RCC's Parkhurst Criterium. The winds were up, and the heat was soaring, making it the most uncomfortable weather to race in.

The race brang along Mark Adamson, and Mark Ruthenberg joining Jodine in C grade. They all held the field tight and were being very competitive throughout their race. Unfortunately a crash on 3rd last lap has the race cancelled. M1 and M2 were some of the few that didnt hit the deck. Just goes to show that you are always to be aware of your surroundings, no matter what grade or race your in.

B grade had a firm field this time around, with Ray and Arch giving to everyone they could. Unfortunately, coming down to the sprint, the couldnt keep pace with the big boys and girls.

Dylan Nankivell and Brad Lawlor battled it out once again (against eachother or the field, we will never know), but failed to miss the jump with 15 minutes to go. Chaddy, Worm and Macca all proceded down the road, managing to put half a lap into Brad and Dylan, who rode a 41kph tempo for the last 15 minutes. In the end Dylan flicked Brad in the sprint, claiming 4th.

Final points were in from all 5 rounds of the Parkhurst Criteriums. Brad Lawlor claimed 3rd overall, Dylan Nankivell 2nd overall, and Glen Chadwick taking out 1st place for the entire series.

Remember- Easy Sunday roll leaves at 5.30am from the front of M1 Cycles. Be there!