Saturday, February 11, 2012

TLD Toowoomba 2 Day Criterium

The Toowoomba two day is being held on the newest criterium track in QLD, one of the fastest and hardest as well.
As we all know Dylan Nankivell and Brad Lawlor headed south last night to compete in the event.
The crit was on today, and in every grade, the racing was hot and heavy. The crit was held on the 1000m circuit (half course), with plenty of uphills and sweeping corners to keep you on your toes.
Brad started the first two laps in a breakaway with a couple of Mainline boys, was not long until he realised that he couldnt hold the tempo that the boys were expecting, so he dropped back to the pack to continue racing.
Dylan rode strong, covering every attack, attacking at every chance, and holding breaks, but unfortunately the Mainline team had the race smarted out, and blocked at most chances they could.
It was a tough race for Brad with the constant uphills and surging pace, having to "sprint" up both the uphill sections every lap, he was on the edge of pulling the pin far too many times. The Toowoomba circuit just isnt the typical criterium for a bigger lad. At the same time Dylan was doing it easy, just cruising and riding the race how it should.
In the end the boys both pulled top 6 sprint finish, with Brad closing a close 4th, and Dylan just behind in 6th.
Its always on your mind to win, or place every time you turn up to a race, but sometimes it just isnt possible. Accepting that 4th and 6th were great outcomes, they are focusing on tomorrows 70km kermese, hoping to hold a strong race and keep it together.
It will be great to have more M1 and Gladstone cyclists head south in the coming months to compete as a team, and race as a team so we can all have a proper race against the big boys.