Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Rabbit & The Hare, The Tortoise & The Turtle Ride

This mornings ride would have to be one of the chilliest summer mornings we have ever experienced! Kicking off from the bakery as usual, we had limited numbers then usual. Picking up Bushy, LG and Cat at the roundabout, we proceeded down the road to collect a few more.

As we headed into Calliope, we picked up the tannum boys, formerly known as the ex-triathletes. Craig, Mark, Dylan and a few others joined our pack to rack up a good 25 rider smash fest! Thanks for turning up guys.

Heading in towards the Kroombit tops road, the bunch lit up, upping the anti a few knotches. Numbers were deteriorating with every 200 metre turn. Holding on with every inch, Mark Ruthenberg would have had the most painful experience in a long time. No more C grade for you!

Buy the end of the road, only Bushy, LG, Grainfed and Dylan were still there, with everyone else turning around a few km's before hand.

Once again, the 40km Teams Time Trial was on to cath the 15 or so riders with the 5km advantage on us, JUST catching the bunch at the emmadale turnoff on Kirkwood road. What a smash!

In the end, the Turtles always prevail.

Just keep pedalling.