Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Round 1 Results- Seeonee Park

Rockhampton Mountain Bike Club's first race, despite the rain, was a great day.

Littered with M1 riders, the bet was on that the top 5 in elite will be from Gladstone / Boyne-Tannum. Boy, did we get close.

Lap 1 of the 4 lap race had the numbers split considerabley, with the top 4, Joel, Carter, Ray and Brad holding their positions for the entire race, finishing within minutes of eachother.

The track slowly became more and more unrideable, and by the 4th lap, ALL the short, sharp uphill sections were impossible to ride. The track had just become a mud bath.

Elite had Joel Robinson 1st, Chris Carter 2nd and Ray Rhodes 3rd.

Sport class had M1's newest Tasmanian, Brice Munting, taking out first place, followed by Craig Wise for 2nd and Dan Witten in 3rd.

Results and photo's can be found on the Rocky MTB facebook page, or just the results at http://rockymtb.org/results-2012/.

Congrats to the Rocky MTB Club crew for hosting such an awesome event. Hopefully a lot more numbers in the following races, wet or dry.