Saturday, March 31, 2012

TREK Domane

Introducing the all-new Trek Domane

After weeks of speculation, Trek Bicycle unveiled the highly anticipated 2013 Domane, an all-new road racing platform that specifically addresses rider comfort, power transfer and stable handling over long courses with rough pavement, gravel, and cobblestones. Domane is a high-performance race bike that offers unparalleled rider comfort while retaining amazing power transfer thanks in part to a unique technology called IsoSpeed, which creates vertical compliance that is twice that of the nearest competition, without taking an ounce of power from the rider. This unparalleled vertical compliance also increases rear wheel traction over rough surfaces, ensuring that every pedal stroke contributes to greater forward acceleration, instead of bouncing off the cobbles or potholes. And Domane-specific Power Transfer Construction results in bottom bracket stiffness that even exceeds the Madone, the Domane’s stage racing compliment.