Friday, April 20, 2012

The Weekend Coming

If you're staying in M1 land this weekend, there's plenty of riding happening. Tomorrow's roadie ride leaves Craig's Bakery at 5:30am and will head out to the freezer and back over Haddock before a brew back at Craigs. All up its about 40ks. Plenty of short cuts for those not wanting to tackle the hills or afraid they won't hang on when the Big Boys come out and play.

Racing tomorrow afternoon is the Kremese course and will kick off at 2pm. It's a good course with a couple of little bumps that usually get rid of the odd flea or two as the laps go on.

Sunday morning you have your pick of either the roadie ride leaving the shop at 5:30am or the MTB ride leaving Sun Valley Choice Petroleum at 5am. Unless you're up for a play in the State Forest territory, I'd go for the roadie ride. It's an EASY, CRUISEY pace filled with lot's of chatter and small gears! Both rides finish at Craig's (of course!).

Enjoy the weather and what ever you're doing on the weekend - Ride On!