Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Weekend

This weekend saw the kick off of the Rocky road racing calendar with a 20k time trial. LG and one or two Dirty Rats (I think) headed up for the event which was held in less than favourable, windy conditions.

As expected, LG performed well and took out 2nd place in A grade. Not too sure how the Dirty Rats went on the road.

Sunday morning was the next round of the Dirt Clowns MTB race at the Park in Rocky. Smurfles, Silent Assassin, the Tassie Terriors, Hef and Mini Hef all made the trip up for a few dirty laps in the bush. I have no idea of the results.... all I do know is that Mini Hef won the BIGGEST prize of the day... an umbrella - he was so chuffed!