Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Sunday MTB Rides

A small but faithful band of riders turned up in the dark at 5am to tackle yet another dirty rats MTB ride through the bush.  The Pied Piper was in good form, conquering a beast of a hill that no other rider could match.  It's funny Pied Piper, in MTB gear you look right at home, but in lycra knicks on your roadie, you look like a duck out of water!!

The 8am ride was of an international flavour, with new rider Chris turning up, all the way from Trinidad!!  Nah, he's really here for work - as is everyone ! - but welcome along Chris.  About 15 minutes around our Sunshine Track had Chris ready to call it a day.

On the roadie ride, the Snowman made an appearance.  Kind of fitting really now that the weather is cooling down.  SpyCat did an awesome job of patrolling the pack keeping those Whipper Snappers and Drop Bears all in line.  The Pink Lorikeet has been missing in action on the Sunday rides for a few weeks now.... come back Pinkie, you're being missed!