Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Byfield Bushie

Trees and podium positions were
not safe at the Byfield MTB race Sunday. Top spot with a convincing win was Chris Carter. One man named Hef was also responsible for taking out both; ie. taking on a Hefty tree and 3rd spot on the podium.
There were quite a few M1 jerseys circulating on a tough little circuit in the pine forests of Byfield. Zulu is getting the hang of this off road stuff, and he and Ada spent most of the 3 lap race within sight of each other.
Smurfles kept it upright and rode well. Blog Mistress made a welcome return to racing knobby tyres. Sneaky Pete rode sweep for the day making sure nobody was left on the course after each lap.
Much fun was had by all, so if you want to join in keep an ear out for all the M1 happenings and come along; next Rocky Dirt Clowns event is 15th July.

Pic of M1 crew
Pre race on a cool clear morning.
Chris Carter pic
Chris-top spot on podium