Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Dark and Stormy Ride

Ok, who slept in? Who woke up this morning, checked the weather, had a look out the window; rolled over and went back to sleep?
6 hardy souls headed from Craigs into the dark, on a clearing...cough, cough, morning.
"It looks like it's clearing.." Famous last words.
Into Beecher and drizzle started and only got heavier from there. Ask Darren about standing on the pedals to climb Haddock Drive in the wet. Slip Slidin Away, da-da-dah...
A couple of tentative descents, just to cool you down a bit, and the sky was getting lighter and the rain was slowing. A couple of mouthfuls of the bike in fronts' rooster tail then was the taste away with a good brew at the end.
Not the best riding weather but you knew you were still 'kickin'.