Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Muddy Sunday

Tis was a little wet this morning... for both the roadie ride and the MTB ride.  Only 4 and a quarter of us turned up for the roadie ride - I say a quarter because SpyCat only rode 10k's before pulling up for a brew with us!

In MTB M1 land, the Dirty Rats lived up to their name, rolling into the Bakery looking like they'd been for more of a relaxing mud bath as opposed to a MTB ride.  Pied Piper, the Dirty Rats need you every Sunday.  Apparently, between Hef, Zulu and Smurfles they mananged to get completely lost in the state forest without you.  

On a better note though, everyone stayed upright for a change and Smurfles didn't have any more tough girl scars to add to the collection.

The numbers continue to grow on the 8am L Plate MTB ride.  Another good crew turned up for a roll in the slop around the Sunshine Track.  It's great to see so many new L Plates hitting the tracks, despite the muddy conditions.