Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Brisbane Forest

Hef had a 'sneaky' trip to Brissie on the weekend. "Best riding and trails since Rotorua," straight from the horses mouth.

Read more... Over the hills...
...that would be Mt Coot-tha, after conquering the Powerful Owl uphill; which aint a walk (ride) in the park. And into Gap Creek mtb singletrack heaven. About an hour riding only some of what is on offer to the mtb'er in this part of the world.
We were keeping it real on this ride, the 3 of us, and Hef proved it by staying true to form and attempting to take out a Gap Creek tree (a dead one this time). Seeing it was already dead and laying on the ground the 'tree-cutter from Byfield' thought he'd just lay there a while, do a systems check and milk sympathy from other passing riders.
Back on the trail we had to go, and picked up a 4th member to our small posse. Sam, the Navigator, guided us through some more brilliant trails before we hit South Boundary Road, and he headed in the opposite direction.
And far away..
The decision was made to head up to Mt Nebo for pancakes and a brew. This ride is an undulating climb up into the BFP proper, a classic that has to be ridden to be experienced.

Then Dan has two 'offs' in within a few hundred metres of each other. He was running at the back so we didn't even know 'til he told us. Over the Bars too, and we missed it.
Mt Nebo and the Bombana Cafe were a hive of activity and it took a while to get our orders and smash every pancake in sight. Then it was time to head for home.
It always seems like there is more up than down on the downhill trip from Mt Nebo, but lots of high speed running and good fun. We couldn't help ourselves, we took in a couple more singletrack trails once back at Gap Creek. 
We made sure he went for a roll through the dead centre of town .