Monday, July 9, 2012

The Yellow

It's Tour Time and that means lots of Yellow.
Domane: Don't just endure, conquer.
Fabian Cancellara, aka Spartacus, now officially has won more Maillots Jaune than any other non-winner of the Tour de France. Spartacus' weapon of choice for this year's Tour is the Trek Domane, which is no surprise when you realise how good this new model from Trek is. He has held the yellow jersey for most of the first week of racing with his yellow Domane, proving the awesome characteristics of stability and comfort don't come at the cost of speed. The gear that the Pros ride is available to anyone direct from M1Cycles. Ok, most of us can't afford a bike like Fab's can we?....but wait a minute....
The 2013 Domane is now available.