Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Big Group Ride

Out of the woodwork they all came this morning - despite the wind and despite the cold - 17 riders turned up for hard hitting, hill smashing, trash talking Saturday ride.  From the discussion at the brew shop, Hef was certainly doing his fair share of trash barking during the ride.... was there anyone who was spared from the wrath of Hef??? I think not.

Yet again it was Zulu, Hef and the Pied Piper who rolled into the coffee shop for second, third and fourth place.  The results may have been different if Captain Sergio hadn't taken a wrong turn leading it to the Coffee Shop kick.  And if you're wondering who got first - me.  I always get first place, thanks to the short cuts!  It's all part of reporting for the blog - seriously.     

Tomorrow's 5am MTB ride looks like it's going to have big numbers with Mr Anderson and a few others turning up for the bush bash.  Mr Anderson is riding Hef's Blow Fly tomorrow (with reverse brakes), so it's more than likely we'll have some excellent photos for the blog after the ride!

Don't forget the L Plate ride leaves at 8:00am from the Choice Petroleum and the Yummy Mummy Roadie ride leaves the shop at 5:30am from the Shop in Tank Street.