Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Launch Ride

Yah!  It's finally getting warmer - mind you, I'm now starting to notice the magpies lurking in the trees beside the roads so it's not gonna be long for them to be warmed up either!  

This morning's ride saw the launch of "The Kitty Soft Paw Ride" with Saturday new riders Carob, Skeeter plus myself and SpyCat making up the squadron.  The KSPR is the old Saturday bunter ride reinvented - meaning that it's definately not for those wanting a smashfest - it's an EASY paced ride designed to keep your paws soft!  For next week we have already recruited Bam Bam and the New Girl (aka Jodine) to join us on the KSPR.  Congrats to Skeeter for her first climb up and over Haddock - Carob's an old hand now, having done the climb 4 times now!

Oh, and the good thing about the KPSR is that we make it to the brew shop just before the hitters!  Ps.  Snapper, you need to come to the brew shop to collect Skeeter on your way home next week.