Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Pie Rides

Today was all about pies - and of course the Drop Bear living up to his name.  There wasn't many of us on the roadie ride... only 5.  Baby Wex has some explaining to do, after his no show.  Let me tell you Baby Wex, Papa Wex absolutely smashed it this morning - including a few extra Haddock repeats!!  See what you missed???

So the roadies arrived at Craig's first and Paul (aka Daddy Long Legs) comes out with a pie.  Correct me if I'm wrong but it's a ned kelly???  And apparently, this is the way you spread sauce on a pie.  To me it looks like Daddy Long Legs was just looking for an excuse to play with his food!!

About 20 minutes later, the Dirty Rats ride in, with Drop Bear hobbling along at the back.  Not only did Drop Bear manage to have one off, he had two offs of similar fashion.  Despite the lack of claret, Drop Bear did actually look a bit worse for wear - don't forget to send me the photos when the bruises come out!  And then there were the pie-s.... This is how the Dirty Rats do it, small and petite.